WildCard Casino Bonus Codes and No Deposit Free Spins 2021

Woo Discover exclusive bonuses for everyone at WildCard casino. New players start off with an excellent no deposit bonus, with reload bonuses, cashback offers and referral bonuses for the casino’s existing players.

Deposit Bonus
Multi Deposits Breakdown:
1st Deposit Match Bonus of 100% up to €2000 plus 25 Free Spins on Wolf Treasure.
2nd Deposit Match Bonus of 100% up to €1000 plus 25 Free Spins on Wolf Treasure.
3rd Deposit Match Bonus of 100% up to €2000 plus 25 Free Spins on Wolf Treasure .
T&Cs Apply
Available to New customers only.

Maximum bonus cashout €5000

Games Allowed: Video Slots (100%), Classic Slots (75%), Table Poker Games (8%), Roulette (8%), Baccarat (8%), Blackjack (2%), Video Poker (2%)

Types of Bonuses at WildCard Casino

Take advantage of all these types of bonuses when playing at WildCard Casino:

No Deposit Bonuses

Casinos offer no deposit bonus credits as incentive for new players to sign up for real money play. You win free bonus credits with this offer – anywhere from $5 to $50 with this offer, and up to $300 in some cases – the moment you register an account with the casino.

Several terms are attached to this bonus. You will need to make a minimum deposit to be able to claim winnings, and fulfill wagering requirements. Moreover, the casino caps the maximum you can withdraw out of your winnings and removes the rest from your account.

No Deposit Free Spins

Some casinos offer no deposit free spins the moment you open a real money account with them. This bonus applies only to slots, and you get anywhere from 5 to 50 free spins. There are casinos nowadays that offer up to 300 free spins and more, though.

The no deposit free spins bonus covers specific slots usually; while a few casinos that allow you to use this bonus on all its slots except the ones on the restricted games list. You find the eligible slots listed along with the other bonus information; and sometimes you find it in the bonus terms.

This bonus has its own conditions. There is the wagering requirement – it is slightly higher than for a deposit free spins bonus. Other conditions include a maximum cashout limit, minimum qualifying deposit and maximum single bet you are allowed to wager while the wagering requirements are in play.

Match Bonuses

The match bonus is the most commonly found bonus at online casinos. It is simple: make a deposit into your casino account and the casino matches it with one of its own. The casino’s deposit is expressed as a percentage of your deposit amount. Most casinos cap the amount you receive through a match bonus.

The most common example of the match bonus is the welcome bonus that most casinos offer. For instance, WildCard casino offers you a welcome bonus of 100% up to $250: make any deposit up to a maximum of $250 and the casino matches it 100% with a $250 deposit of its own into your account.

The match bonus has terms and conditions governing it. You will need to fulfill these conditions to be able to withdraw winnings from it. The conditions governing a match bonus include primarily the wagering requirements and the maximum single bet while wagering requirements are in play.

Cashback Bonuses

The cashback bonus is popular at online casinos because it gives you the opportunity to recover some of the funds you lost while playing for real money.

A casino may offer a cashback bonus based on one of the following parameters:

  • The amount you have deposited into your account over a specific period, e.g. a week or month. Some casinos offer daily cashback bonuses to their players.
  • The amount you have lost over a specific period while playing for real money, usually a week or a month. 

Casinos offer the cashback bonus as a percentage of the factor on which it is calculated. For instance, WildCard casino offers an excellent cashback bonus of 25% on your losses for each deposit made, on a Friday.  At most casinos, the cashback is between 5% and 20%.

The cashback bonus may be deposited into your account automatically or you may need to contact the casino’s support team to have it activated. The wagering requirement is usually low – or even nil sometimes – for this bonus. And casinos cap the minimum and maximum cashback you can receive.

Daily Bonuses

A number of casinos offer bonuses daily to their existing player base. The daily bonus is a fantastic tool – players love it because it ensures you have something to play with every day and casinos love it because it ensures players don’t get bored and go wandering off to other casinos.

The daily bonus could be a set of free spins, a reload bonus, or a combination of both. At WildCard casino, you receive reload bonuses daily as well as weekly – the more you deposit the bigger your daily reload bonus here! The reload bonus could also be a cashback offer.

Most casinos offer daily bonuses once you make a deposit on that given day into your account. Some casinos may offer a daily bonus even without you depositing funds, as a token of appreciation of your loyalty. These bonuses too have terms and conditions attached to them.

Casinos usually list out daily bonus offers on their Promotions page. They may also inform you about these bonuses periodically through e-mail – for instance you could get information about the daily bonuses for the entire week every Monday through mail – so do check your inbox regularly!

Loyalty Bonuses

All casinos love players who stick around for long and play the games they offer, and one way they show their appreciation is by offering loyalty bonuses. The loyalty bonus you get depends on the casino you are at, but one thing is common for all casinos – the longer you are around the bigger the loyalty bonus!

Most casinos offer loyalty bonuses through an exclusive loyalty program. These are multi-level programs: you start at the basic level and go up as you play more and wager real money. The more you play the higher up the levels you go.

Casinos offer players different rewards as loyalty bonuses. Every casino offers comp points to loyal players. You earn these points each time you make a deposit or place a wager. Collect a good number of points to exchange them for rewards that include free spins, cash bonuses and prizes. Other rewards include luxury cruises, holidays, entry to exclusive events and more.

How to Claim a WildCard Casino Bonus Code

At many casinos, you will need to provide a bonus code to claim the bonuses on offer. Casinos use bonus codes to track the bonuses and their usage. The way it works is simple: you sign up, make a deposit and then provide the bonus code to claim the bonus.

The method described above is how it generally works. Some casinos require you to provide the bonus code while signing up, while others require you to provide it again while you are depositing funds.

Some casinos require you to provide the bonus code directly to the customer support team after you have signed up and funded your account, for the bonus to be activated. And you will also find casinos where the customer support team provides you with information about the bonus and the bonus code to use to claim it.

The number of times you can use a bonus code depends on the casino you are at and the bonus itself. Some bonuses come with a unique bonus code that you can use once. Claim bonuses multiple times a day, and use the bonus code each time you claim them.

Not all casino bonuses, however, require a bonus code. A number of casinos credit a bonus directly to your casino account once you have funded it. And in the case of no deposit bonuses without bonus codes, you don’t even have to fund your account: just sign up for the bonus to reach your account!

WildCard Casino Wagering Requirements

All casino bonuses are governed by terms and conditions to:

  • Streamline their usage
  • Ensure fair play
  • Ensure that the casino doesn’t incur losses because of its bonuses
  • Prevent bonus abuse and fraud

A number of terms and conditions are attached to the various bonuses that casinos offer. One of the most important is the wagering requirement.

The wagering requirement or playthrough requirement is designed to ensure you are not able to collect the bonus and exit without using it. It requires you to wager your bonus amount/bonus and deposit amount/winnings from free spins – depending on the type of bonus you are using – a given number of times in order to claim winnings earned with it.

The wagering requirement is a listed as a multiplier of the bonus value or winnings from it – for instance the wagering requirement for deposit bonuses at WildCard casino is 30x the deposit and bonus amount. The following example will help us understand the wagering requirement better.

WildCard casino offers a welcome bonus of 100% up to €250 to all new players. Assume you made a deposit of €100; the casino then deposits an equal amount as bonus into your account, giving you a total of €200 to play with. You use this bonus and win €300. Given that the welcome bonus comes with a 30x wagering requirement on the deposit and bonus amount, you would need to wager a total of €6000 [30 X (€100 + €100)] to claim your winnings.

That has been the biggest complaint about wagering requirements – you end up wagering quite a bit of money to be able to withdraw the amount you win. Casinos are slowly taking cognizance of this issue, which is why now you have a few casinos with low or even zero wagering requirements.

Here are the bonuses currently available at WildCard casino, along with a listing of their wagering requirements.

How to Claim a Bonus Code at WildCard Casino: Top Bonus Tips 

Wondering what is the best way to claim a bonus code at WildCard casino? Here are a few tips!

  • Make the required minimum deposit to be able to claim the bonus.
  • Do not forget to enter the bonus code, if any.
  • Use the correct bonus code, if any. You may lose the bonus if you use the wrong code.
  • Read the terms associated with the bonus carefully and ensure that you fulfill them.
  • Use any free spins that the casino offers to play eligible games only.
  • Fulfill the wagering requirements before you request for a withdrawal of winnings. There is a 20% administrative fee if you request a withdrawal without wagering your winnings even once.
  • Don’t cross the maximum single bet limit while wagering requirements are on.
  • Claim only one bonus at a time.

FAQs About WildCard Casino Bonuses

Are WildCard Casino bonuses legit?

All bonuses at WildCard casino are legitimate. The casino is licensed and registered by the government of Curacao and follows all the rules laid down by that agency. You will be able to withdraw winnings from the bonuses – and that is ample proof of legitimacy – provided you fulfill the conditions associated with each bonus.

Can you win real money with WildCard Casino Bonuses?

Of course, you will be able to win real money with the bonuses available at WildCard casino. All you have to do is ensure that you use the bonuses as per the rules laid down, and fulfill the conditions associated with each of them.

Failure to fulfill the conditions associated with a bonus could result in penalties that include cancelation of winnings earned with the bonus and, in extreme cases, forfeit of the bonus itself.

Also, there are a few important points to remember – casinos do now allow you to cash out the bonus. All you can cash out, once you have fulfilled the terms and conditions, are the winnings from the bonus.

Remember, it is important to know the kind of bonus you are using. You cannot cash out sticky bonus wins; they remain sticky and stay in your account. You will be able to use them to prolong your game session at the casino.

What are wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements are what a casino uses to ensure it doesn’t incur losses and to prevent bonus abuse. The wagering requirements come into play once you have used a bonus and scored wins with it. You are then required to wager the bonus, or winnings from it, depending on the type of bonus you are using, a pre-specified number of times’ only then will you be able to redeem your winnings from it.

They are expressed as a multiplier of any of the following depending on the type of bonus:

Match bonus: A multiplier of the bonus amount or in some cases the bonus and the deposit amount

Free spins: A multiplier of the winnings you scored with the bonus

It is important that you fulfill the wagering requirements associated with a bonus, because failure to do so will result in penalties, e.g. an extra fee being added or even suspension of withdrawal of winnings.

Players have always had an issue with wagering requirements because while they work for the casino, they are a drag on the player’s wallet. Imagine using a bonus of 100% up to €100 with a 40x wagering requirement on the deposit and bonus amount, depositing €100 and getting a bonus of €100 to give you a total of €200, winning €200 and then having to wager €8000 to withdraw the €200 you won!

Now there are casinos that offer bonuses with low or no wagering requirements with the objective of helping players get around this sticky issue.

What are some of the important terms and conditions that online casinos incorporate into their bonuses?

All bonuses come with terms and conditions attached to help the casinos regulate their use and prevent losses from happening as a result of misuse of the bonuses.

We have already discussed one of the most important conditions, wagering requirements. Here are a few others:

Maximum cashout limit: All no deposit bonuses use this condition to limit the maximum you can cash out of your total winnings. Anything above the maximum limit is removed from your account.

Minimum qualifying deposit: Both no deposit bonuses as well as deposit bonuses use this condition, but in different contexts.

No deposit bonuses require you to make a minimum qualifying deposit to be able to withdraw your winnings from the bonus. Deposit bonuses, on the other hand, require you to make a minimum qualifying deposit to be able to claim the bonus.

Eligible games: You find this condition in both deposit as well as no deposit bonuses. No deposit bonuses use this condition to ensure you play only the games that are covered by them. Both no deposit bonuses as well as deposit bonuses use this condition to ensure you don’t play games on the restricted games list.

Maximum single bet: All bonuses use this condition to ensure players do not get through the wagering requirements by placing a few big bets. This condition limits the maximum single bet you can place while wagering requirements are on.

What are the wagering requirements at WildCard Casino? Also, how do I ensure that the wagering requirements value decreases as I go about fulfilling this condition for a bonus?

The following are the wagering requirements for the various bonuses at WildCard casino:

Deposit bonuses:
30x the bonus and deposit amount

No deposit bonuses: 100x the bonus amount, unless otherwise stated

It is very important to play games that contribute towards fulfillment of wagering requirements. Playing games that contribute nominally – or not at all – towards fulfillment of wagering requirements increases the time it takes for you to get through your wagering requirements.

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